Client 0.98 Released

The latest release of the F-Droid Repository Client, version 0.98 is now available. You can download it from the home page or, if you already have an earlier version installed, just update.

These are the changes since 0.97:

  • Add opt-in crash reporting via ACRA
  • Add support for HTTP basic authentication of repos
  • Fix repo updating on older devices with little memory
  • Rework search to be incremental and without a separate activity
  • Add English to the list of languages to use in the settings
  • Fix “database is locked” seemingly random crash
  • Cache installed app information in the database
  • Add counter to the installed tab
  • Translation updates
  • Display license and author information in app details where appropriate

As usual, if you have problems or feature requests, please let us know via the issue tracker, join us in the Forum or visit #fdroid on FreeNode.