Liberapay, a fully free Donation Platform

Recently F-Droid has gained support for Liberapay, a fully free donation platform aimed at software projects. Liberapay itself is fully free and open source software focusing on recurrent donations to software projects. These recurrent donations are important for the long-term sustainability of projects. Another interesting feature for software projects is the possibility to create teams which the members of the project can join and then split the donations in a way where everyone sets the share he or she wants to take.

The donation part of F-Droid has always relied on closed platforms like PayPal but not anymore!

Integration into F-Droid

F-Droid now has full support for projects offering donation via Liberapay:

  • The Liberapay ID of a person or team can be entered into a dedicated metadata field. 10 apps in F-Droid already offer this as a donation option. Hopefully more will join soon.
  • The android client now shows the Liberapay widget:

  • The website now includes all donation options.
  • F-Droid itself has a Liberapay team. After about two month we are already receiving ~30€/week, making us currently the third most funded team on Liberapay.

Next steps

Liberapay is still a young and very small platform (remember, we became the third most funded team in two months ;-)) so it needs both more projects and more patrons. So spread the word and ask your favourite open source project if you can start giving them money through Liberapay.

Do you know any app or developer with a Liberapay account that is not yet shown in F-Droid? Help us by adding it to the apps metadata.

You can also fund the further development of Liberapay through Liberapay itself here: