New language: Polish

We are pleased to announce the launch of the completed Polish translation on this site! The Polish translators have covered almost all the text that can be translated, with 100% of the client, website strings, static pages, and tutorials available in Polish. On top of that, 95% of the documentation, 83% of the blog posts, and 78% of the app summaries are in Polish. If you want to see this reach 100%, contribute on Weblate.

This does not mean that every bit of text on the site is in Polish, since we get the app descriptions from the app developers. To make it easier for translators to contribute translations to all the apps in F-Droid, you can find the Translation links for apps that have set up a translation service.

More languages

We would love to include all completed languages as they are ready. Unfortunately, this site is so large that we currently do not have the resources to generate the full website for all languages. This site currently generates about 43,000 pages. The test site includes all translations, whether incomplete or not. It is currently 92,500 pages, and takes more than twice as long to build.

In order to support more pages, we need help optimizing Jekyll. No other part of F-Droid uses Ruby, so the contributors are not well equipped to optimize our Jekyll setup. Another more labor-intensive option might be to port the site to Hugo.

Follow the full discussion on our forum.