Big Website Update

We have just completed a big overhaul of the website that makes it run smoother, handle translations better, and it much easier to build and customize. The whole process was updated to run in Debian/buster using only Debian packages, while keeping the standard Ruby methods working. That makes it easy for non-Ruby developers to jump in and improve this site. There is an overhaul of the Markdown translation workflow, so it should be a lot easier to translate the pages, docs, and posts. To hightlight that, the bottom right of each translatable page will now show “Translate on Weblate”, click on that to go directly to translating. Another big change is the new “Apps” section which is now organized by the same categories as the Android client app.

This includes contributions from @uniqx, @eighthave, @redplanet, @webdev4, @moasda, @meskobalazs, and of course the tireless translators!