Presence Publisher

Regularly publish to an MQTT topic


Secure Messaging, Anywhere

SSTV Encoder

Image encoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signals


VNC server app that does not require root privileges.

MIFARE Classic Tool

An NFC app for reading, writing, analyzing, etc. MIFARE Classic RFID tags.

WiFi Widget

Configurable widget for the monitoring of your WiFi connection details

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook

CIFS Documents Provider

Provides access to shared folders.

Valetudo Companion

Easily find and connect Valetudo robot vacuums on and to your network

Sensor Server

Stream phone's sensors to websocket clients

My Leaf

Remote control and information for your Nissan Leaf

Mullvad VPN: privacy is a universal right

Protect your online privacy with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN.


Connect to your car's OBD system

Tinc App

Android binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon


Analyse the WiFi networks in range.

Calyx VPN

Free VPN Service offered by The Calyx Institute


Free VPN that unblocks geo-restricted content and eliminates tracking.


With this app you can get your BG values onto the BangleJS!


Next generation secure VPN network tunnel

OBS Blade

Unofficial OBS controller!

Robot36 - SSTV Image Decoder

Image decoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signals

Child Monitor

Child Monitor allows two Android devices to act as a baby monitor.


Allows analyzing (or sharing) URLs before opening them.

AirGuard - AirTag protection

Protect yourself from Apple's Find My Tracking


Optimize your WiFi network


Simply fetch Nextcloud notifications on devices without Google Play services

Rsync Server

A rsync server (alpha release)


A cross platform debugger for Bluetooth/TCP/UDP

OUI Lookup and Database

Find a device's manufacturer by its MAC address and browse OUIs assignments

Virtual Host

hosts for android,implement by vpn mode,supports wildcard DNS records