Android 2 Linux Notifications

A way to display Android phone notifications on Linux


Secure configuration of eduroam at TU Chemnitz

primitive ftpd

FTP server

AsteroidOS Sync

Synchronize with your AsteroidOS smartwatch

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook


Share files across any platform in hassle-free way with fast speed!

Better Internet Tiles

Bring back Wi-Fi and mobile data tiles on Android 12 or higher

Home Assistant

Control all your devices in your Home Assistant instance

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter

Thor - IPFS Lite

IPFS Lite and HTML browser


IPFS Lite node with modern UI to support standard use cases of IPFS


Full-featured C++ implementation of I2P client

SSTV Encoder

Image encoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signals


Analyse the WiFi networks in range.

Status: Crypto Wallet, Messenger, Ethereum Browser

Cryptocurrency wallet, Private messenger, and Ethereum DApp Browser all in one


Example application using UnifiedPush library

strongSwan VPN Client

An easy to use IKEv2/IPsec-based VPN client.

Nextcloud Maps Geobookmarks

Manage Nextcloud Maps Geofavorites on your phone

NC Passwords

A password manager app for Nextcloud's Passwords app

Valetudo Companion

Easily find and connect Valetudo robot vacuums on and to your network


A shadowsocks client for TV


VNC viewer that aims to be easy to use and fast


A shadowsocks client


A social network off the grid

Tinc App

Android binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon


Control and streaming client for enigma2 based dreamboxes

Impress Remote

Remote for presentations

Robot36 - SSTV Image Decoder

Image decoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signals

Device Connect

Yet another tool to connect Android phone with desktop

Share To InputStick

Send text to your InputStick straight from the Share menu