Chess program and FICS client


A nonlinear 2D puzzle platformer taking place in impossible spaces.

Minesweeper - Antimine

A puzzle game where you search for all hidden mines.


4X civilization-building game

Chess Clock

Adjust your favorite timer to play chess online with friends!


Crossword puzzles application, download and play.


Multi-Activity Educational game for children 2 to 10


Small App to keep track of your Phase10 game! Optimised for Phones and Tablets.


39 single-player logic games


A Mill Game which supports many rule variants, written in Flutter

Quinb: 4 players reaction game

A multiplayer reaction game: train your mind and your reflexes while having fun!

Vector Pinball

Pinball game

MTG Familiar

MTG Familiar is a collection of utilities for playing "Magic: The Gathering"


Material Planner for Fate/GO


A factory-based sandbox tower defense game

Trivia You

Trivia App for Android built with Material You


An action RPG with gameplay alike to the games in the Diablo series

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

A roguelike adventure through dungeons in a quest to find the Orb of Zot


Baby game to keep your device safe from random baby-taps


Randomix - Decision Maker

An app to randomly choose between numbers, answers, options. 🃏

Tabletop Tools

Handy tool collection for tabletop games

Bagatur Chess Engine with GUI

The Chess Engine Bagatur 2.2e with 16 strength levels.

Zoysii - Logic game

A simple logic game: find the best path to delete every number in a square space

Endless Sky

Android port of endless-sky space trading game.

Egyptian Mouse Pounce

Play Egyptian Rat Screw against humans or cats.

EBT New Note

Submit Euro bill note data to

J2ME Loader

A J2ME emulator for Android.

Railway station photos

Collect photos of railway stations for

IITC-CE Mobile

IITC-CE map for Ingress Prime game