Pekka Kana 2

a jump'n'run game - bring the rooster to the exit


Play popular PartyGames

Kingdomino Score

Calculate your "Kingdomino" and "Kingdomino Age of Giants" score easily


Lets your phone scream if it moves too fast


Guide a ball to safety avoiding swarms of enemies.


Trolling app to prank your friends with barcode looking messages


A little Game where you shoot bullets at squares

Destination Sol

2D space arcade/RPG with seamless open world & planets


Old-school scrolling shoot 'em up game

Go To Sleep

Count sheep until you fall asleep!

2048 Open Fun Game

2048 game with AI, Replay, History and other fun features, Open Source, no ads

Apple Flinger

Funny single- and multiplayer game - Use a slingshot to shoot with apples

Anuto TD

Another Ugly Tower Defense

Custom Riddle Generator [small, no ads]

A tool app to create your own custom riddle apps (number->text/image).

Make Some Noise

Push a button, or move your phone, to make some noise

Learning Memory

Play memory and solve different challenges: Numbers, Letters & more

12345 - Learn Counting

Learn counting in different languages with pictures


This is just a very small app to allow you take out on those nasty ads.


A game loosely based on 2048, but with circles instead of squares


Strategy board game similar to the famous board game Blokus.

A Whip

Turn your phone into a whip.

Ogre Sample Browser

Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine - Samples


Find as many words as possible on a grid of random letters within a time limit


Play many sudoku types, with many assistances, all offline.


An application to train your brain.


A plumbers favorite game

Hot Death

Card game

Tableau de bord Rolling

A dashboard for Rolling game

Open Chaos Chess

A chess game with randomized moves


Cross-Platform app for all darts players