Simple Gallery Pro

Your favorite photo album. Professional file organizer to edit photos with ease

Simple Draw Pro

Draw with this quick sketchbook replacing pen and paper

Aves Libre

Gallery and metadata explorer


Professional painting program


Tux Paint

A drawing program for children.

Les Pas - Photo Album for Nextcloud

A photo album that saves all your precious memory in your private cloud

VES - Image and Photo Compare

Easily compare images, photos and pictures

Coloring Book

Coloring book - pictures from examples and photos


removes exif data and modifies images to reduce size before sharing.


A third-party Pixiv Android client. (Android 5.0+)


FreeDCam is an open source camera app which try to enable stuff that is forgotte


Make photo albums and share them on Nextcloud. Support for image, sound, video,

Sketching (PFA)

Create and manage simple sketches in a quick and easy manner

Send Reduced

Reduce image size


The #1, open source pixel art editor for Android

Kinoko[Manga Reader]

Awesome manga reader

Pocket Paint

Advanced Paint

Exif Thumbnail Adder

Add thumbnail in the EXIF tag of JPEG picture not having one (batch processing)

Pixel Filter

Screen dimmer, which disables individual pixels, for AMOLED screens

OCR (Tesseract)

Optical character recognition (OCR) functionality based on Tesseract via Intents

NightLight light

A simple night light.


OCR based on Tesseract 5

3D Model Viewer

Load 3D Models and see how to do it


Displays fine particulate matter values from the project.


Open source Flutter Whiteboard


Meme Creator - Simple and Ad-Free


Pixel drawing tool for Android.

Nextcloud Yaga

A Nextcloud first gallery app.

Camera Folder

Everywhere where you can choose from jpg files you can also take and process a p