Weather Radar

An application featuring customizable, real-time doppler radar images

Alovoa Lite

Open-source online dating application

Glider for Hacker News

Glider is an opinionated Hacker News client. Ad-free, open-source, no-nonsense.


A client for receiving push notifications

Radio Romania

Play the latest podcasts from Radio România.


Finally a smart RSS reader which doesn't suck ass or your data.

WhatsApp Web To Go - Mobile Client for WhatsApp We

Access WhatsApp Web on your mobile device - send pictures, audio and video

TUIC Plugin - SagerNet

The universal proxy toolchain for Android

Home App | For Philips Hue, Arduino & more

A little smart home app for Philips Hue, Arduino and other devices

Frost for Facebook

A fast and extensive third party wrapper for Facebook.


Access your Plan 9 machines from your phone or tablet using Plan 9 standards.


A simple file uploader

Watomatic - Auto Reply For WhatsApp

Auto reply bot for WhatsApp, FB Messenger and more soon

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter

Warpinator for Android (unofficial)

Share files across local network

InviZible Pro: increase your security, protect you

Comprehensive application for on-line privacy and security

xvii messenger for vk

simple and handy messenger for vk social network but with extra features


Add support for MAC Address spoofing to Android 12 and 13

Water Me - Plant Watering Reminder

A simple, open and privacy friendly plant watering reminder for Android.


Simple TS client which shows you the amount and names of connected clients.

EteSync - Secure Data Sync

Secure, private and end-to-end encrypted calendar, contacts and tasks sync - free substitution plan App

Just view the substition plan


An alternative mobile client for the Untis timetable system.

Setter - A multi-purpose search app for Android

A meta-search, reverse image search and translator tool packed in one package.


Offline-compatible browser for cultural events in Leipzig


Client for <a href="">FreshRSS</a>


Client for SMTH BBS

Mule on Android

Search and download from the ED2K(eDonkey2000) networks

Better Schedule (Bakaláři)

A faster schedule for Bakaláři. For students, by students.

Stratum 0 Widget

Status Widget for Stratum 0, Hackerspace Braunschweig