Democracy Droid

Watch "Democracy Now The war and peace report"


Simple yet advanced Instagram client

PulseAudio Rtp Receiver

Audio Player for PulseAudio's RTP Stream

Vinyl Music Player

Light and slick material design music player

Vanilla Metadata Fetch

Vanilla Music player Metadata retrieval plugin

LBRY F-Droid

Browser and wallet for LBRY, a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace

Xmp Mod Player

Tracker module player


Convert any web page at your fingertips

PDF Converter

Create PDF files


Mythtv frontend control interface.

DSC Auto Rename

Rename picutres based on date


An app interface interacting with NyaaPantsu


Record, play and loop sounds

Tsacdop - Podcast Player

Enjoy podcasts with Tsacdop! An open source podcast player built with flutter.


Materialistic music player that streams music from YouTube


Tone dialer with DTMF, bluebox and redbox tones

Pulse Music

An offline music player app, with modern UI and powerful features


Monotone icon pack


Kore, Official Remote for Kodi

Instant Sound Effects

Make your friends laugh with four great free sound effects


Control your Platypush instances from Android.


A Netflix user can easily lookup a title in the IMDb

Camera Folder

Everywhere where you can choose from jpg files you can also take and process a p

Simple Camera - Contains no unnecessary functions

A camera with flash, zoom and no ads.

LLCrop (loss less)

Loss Less Cropping and Rotation: Remove unwanted parts of jpg photo without qual

Vanilla Music

Listen to and manage songs

Weather Radar

An application featuring customizable, real-time doppler radar images

Nextcloud Bookmarks

A front end for the Nextcloud Bookmark app


TuxGuitar is a multitrack tablature editor and player

LeafPic Revived

A full-featured gallery app