Phone & SMS

Simlar - free and secure calls

Encrypted and free phone calls over the internet

Simple sms remote

Control your device by sending text messages

SD Contacts

Automatically store your contacts to your SD card


BluePass extracts 2FA tokens from SMS and forwards them via Bluetooth

Yet Another Call Blocker

Block unwanted calls effortlessly

Call Counter

Control of the Plan of outgoing calls and sent sms


SIP softphone

Emerald Dialer

Make calls, view call log


simple fix for during call proximity sensor issues

Streak Alarm for Snapchat (Streak Reminder)

Snapchat Streaks Reminder

SMS to URL Forwarder

simple incoming SMS to URL forwarder

Watomatic - Auto Reply For WhatsApp

Auto reply bot for WhatsApp and FB Messenger so you can break away from it

DualSim Reminder

Tools for dual SIM devices from Samsung

Schlikk Calls

Change volume on call so that you don't miss them


Block unwanted calls

Attestation de déplacement

Generates the PDF attestation file required by the French government to go out.

Coma Phone

Auto-answers calls on speakerphone. Always hear your friends talk, even while in


Messaging app

Open in WhatsApp

Open chats in WhatsApp without saving contact to phonebook.

Priority Alerts

Informs you when receiving SMS matches with configured keywords


Remote mobile phone searching via SMS requests.

Contact Book

Manage your contacts in a local addressbook


Receive your SMS messages in Telegram


SMS and MMS backup


Matrix SMS bridge


Displays simple statistics on phone calls and sms

Librem Chat

Peace of Mind+

A flight-mode timer


An Open-Source P2P Messenger


Block6 is an SMS app that makes it easy to block messages from numbers you don't