Phone & SMS


Displays simple statistics on phone calls and sms

Librem Chat

Secure text, voice, and video chat.

Peace of Mind+

A flight-mode timer


Block6 is an SMS app that makes it easy to block messages from numbers you don't


Encrypted SMS/MMS conversations made easy!


Helps you and others in case of an emergency

Nextcloud SMS

Synchronize your SMS messages with ownCloud

Image SMS

Send very small photos with long text SMS and without MMS or internet

Share my number

Share your contact information with ease

Device Locator


Generates ringtones from strings, either as Morse code or spoken text

Blacklist Blocker

Block unwanted calls and/or SMS


Send SMS via Android SDK

SMS Backup+

Backup SMS, MMS and call history to Gmail, Google Calendar or IMAP.

SMS Ping

Send silent SMS


Auto respond calls and messages

SMS Scheduler

Lets you schedule an sms to be sent at a specific time

Free Mobile Netstat

Monitor your Free Mobile plan

Serval Mesh

Peer to peer communications

My Contacts

Quickly access your contacts

SIP Switch

Access Internet call settings

Little Sir Echo

Repeat SMS notifications


Decentralized Instant Messenger

SIP Caller

Dial SIP numbers

Dumbphone Assistant

Copy contacts to SIM card and back

Multi Sms

Send SMS to many contacts

TAC Database Client

Gather and upload TAC data

Battery level

Filter SMS and show them in a fake app

Roaming Info

Notify about SIM operator changes

Paranoid Sms Blocker

Block unknown SMS