News Provider

A simple and easy to use RSS aggregator that deliver news to your smartphone

Markdown Widget

Display markdown files as widgets on the home screen


Manga reader

Linux Command Library

4638 manual pages, 21 basic categories and a bunch of general terminal tips.

monocles translator

monocles translation a safe and private translator


Converts an URL to markdown and share it


a gopher client

Glider for Hacker News

Glider is an opinionated Hacker News client. Ad-free, open-source, no-nonsense.

Book Reader

Simple book reader


Offline Japanese dictionary


LibreTranslator a translator based on LibreTranslate

MuPDF viewer

Lightweight document viewer

MuPDF mini

Minimalist viewer for PDF, XPS, CBZ, unprotected EPUB, and FB2 documents

Based Cooking

Simple, ad free, open source recipe app.

Read You

A modern and elegant RSS reader with Material You design


Live your life in Org Mode? Take it with you on your Android device.


Your private and open source books tracker, organizer and reading list.


Third-party client for copymanga with better reading/downloading experience

Web Opac

Convenient access to 1,000+ public and academic libraries

Easy Xkcd

Easy xkcd is an Open Source reader for xkcd


Find german number plates.

Bible Notify

Free and open-source, offline daily Bible verse notification app for Android

SDB Viewer

View song lyrics, a translation of it and guitar chords

Baby Books

Make your own picture books using images and words from Wikipedia


NGA client


A third-party client for Collins Dictionary

Pixiv Func

SimplyTranslate Mobile

Alternative front-end to Google Translate

Sav PDF Viewer Pro - Read PDF files safely

The simplest PDF viewer

Aard 2

Offline dictionary