Science & Education


A port of the main features of Xournal++ to various Flutter platforms like Andro



Medical tool


FLOSS Ham Radio logging app for small contests and portable operation.

Buddha Quotes

A Free and Open Source Buddha Quotes app with a focus on privacy.


simple educational practice game for kids and adults: maths, clock, spelling


Learn better with TestApp!

TU Darmstadt Moodle Wrapper

Open Moodle links of the TU Darmstadt in the official Moodle app

GeoQuiz Foss

Learn about geography in a fun and privacy focused way.


Dutch weather and rain radar app

Fiddle Assistant

Music tuner with tools for violin

Covid19 Stats

A simple mobile app to view Covid19 statistics 🦠

Mebis (Unofficial)

Displays mobile Mebis website.

Libero Vocab

An app for Android to practice with vocabularies in the KVTML format.

Spelling Wizard

A fun and simple spelling app to challenge and improve your spelling skills

Rubbish Calc

Check how much rubbish you produce every day.


OpenOtago is an android replacement to Univeristy of Otago's online resources.

Open FNDDS Viewer

Displays information from the USDA's Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Stud


Collection of tools that can help solving geocaches.


Learn Sanskrit letters in an easy way.


Terminal emulator with integrated script editor


Calculates radiation doses and consequences after nuclear power accidents.


Learn Devanagari letters (used by Sanskrit and Hindi) and develop your alertness

Dew Point

Calculate the dew point


This app shows buddhistic wise sayings each day.

eLiquid Calculator

This app will help you to calculate recipes for your e-cigarette.


Offline Japanese dictionary

DOI to SciHub

Quickly download research


The crazy calculator (RPN mode). Once you get used to it, you will love it :-)

1List - Simple Lists for TODO, Shopping, Movies...

Simple app to manage several lists from only one screen