Science & Education

Deine Rechte

Deine Rechte im Kanton Bern

Hibi 「日々」

An app to help you learn Japanese by keeping a journal

Particle Physics Simulator

Particle Physics Simulator offers a physics sandbox with n-body capabilities whe

Kanji draw

A simple drawn kanji character recognition application

US Travel Converter

Converts some imperial units to SI units for travel to the USA.

Open Note Scanner

Scan documents, handwritten notes or arts

Elementary: Periodic Table

Open-source Periodic Table of the Elements and element reference app.

USA COVID-19 Tracker

USA coronavirus cases: positive cases, negative cases, and deaths per day

FOSS Moodle

Interact with HHS moodle instance

Musical Notes

train reading musical notes


Convert units



A dozenal (duodecimal, or base twelve) calculator

#FFF Info

Get all information about your climate strike


An offline satellite tracking app

Mobile Pauker ++

Learn intuitively with flash cards and synchronize your lesson with Dropbox

Weather Widget

Add widget to home screen with weather 5 to 7 day weather forecast


Ancient greek study tool

Dozenal Clock

A dozenal (duodecimal, or base-twelve) clock and homescreen/lockscreen widget.

Crazyflie Client

Control your Crazyflie quadcopter from your mobile device


use determination keys easily

10,000 sentences

Learn new words in foreign languages


Все доступные выпуски газеты "VEGETARIAN"


Dein virtuelles Bundestagsmandat


Android interface to the c-base onboard computer c-beam

PalmCalc 2019+

Retro scientific calculator & converters

Starke Verben

Learn the German strong verbs

Blockly for senseBox

Visual Programming of the senseBox:MCU via Blockly

User-controlled decryption operations

Emulates a smart card and lets you control the decryption operations

Progress Tracker

Any activity progress tracker