Sports & Health

Fast N Fitness

Track fitness workouts

DetoxDroid: Digital Detoxing as Your New Default

Get rid of attention-grabbing and manipulative features.

COVID-19 italian monitoring

Simplified access to data on the spread of covid-19 in Italy

Contact Diary

Keep track of the people you have recently been with

wger Workout Manager

Fitness/workout, nutrition and weight tracker

Workout Time!

An app for managing and performing timed workouts


A Simple, Offline Recipe Manager


Calculate heart rate from camera image


reminds you to drink water

LibreHealth Essential Care For Every Baby

A Newborn Baby Care Support App

Siteswap Generator

Generate juggling siteswaps for passing


Save workout routines and track your progress.

SINE Isochronic Entrainer

Brainwave Entrainment from relaxation to focus enhancement by Isochronic Tones


COVID-19 tracing client for Switzerland

Daily Pill — Medication Reminder

Reminder app for your daily medication. Easy to use and respects your privacy.

Fruit Radar

Find edible plants and share them online!


Reminds you of your medication schedules


Information, combination charts and a live help chat for recreational drugs

Dice Gainz

A random workout generator.


Ghosting Coach for Squash, Badminton and Racketlon


Interval timer

LibreHealth Cost Of Care Explorer

Compare costs of medical procedures of US Hospitals

Wine cellar

Wine cellar manager


A simple way to focus on your breathing


Simple bluetooth low-energy heart rate monitor

UK COVID-19 Venue Check-in

Third-party app to check in to venues by scanning an NHS Test and Trace QR code

Covid19 Stats

A simple mobile app to view Covid19 statistics 🦠

Rubbish Calc

Check how much rubbish you produce every day.

Open FNDDS Viewer

Displays information from the USDA's Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Stud

Step and Height Counter

Counting steps and elevation gain