Android app to calculate transfer time, data quantity and bandwidth

Screenshot sharer

Share screenshots quickly

Open Link With...

Open links in native apps when you're stuck in the browser! 🚀

Search to browser

Forward GLOBAL_SEARCH intents to your default browser


Launch Termux commands from the homescreen

F-Droid Nearby

Exchange free software apps locally, device-to-device, even without internet!


Companion app to EngineDataLogger ECU software.

NoAd Battery Calibrator [ROOT]

Removes old battery configurations to fix software related issues


Simple background app killer

Advanced Charging Controller (ACCA)

AccA empowers users to have full control over the device charge cycle.


UP-distributor without provider

Volume Control

Simple volume control application without unnecessary features


Display screen time statistics


simple fix for during call proximity sensor issues

Museum of a broken API

Warns against using a system usage stats API


Accessibility helper for the elderly or visually impaired.

Man Man

View, download and search Linux manpages


Manage remote downloads


Accessibility improvements

Script Manager

An application to manage shell scripts!

T4 Launcher

simple launcher with predictive text filtering

RCX - Rclone for Android

A file manager for Android, using rclone for the heavy lifting.

Privacy Indicators

Get notified every time an app or a service uses camera or microphone

Location Map Viewer

Display geografic information from url or local gpx/kml file in a map

Slim Launcher - Fewer distractions, more life

Minimalistic launcher

Smart Flasher

A simple tool to make flashing recovery zips much easier!

Kernel Profiler

The easiest way to tweaks your kernel


Minimal utilities menu for the LeapFrog Epic


View PDF files

Calendar Trigger

Trigger actions on calendar events