LaunchTime Homescreen

An easy and customizable categorizing homescreen/launcher

Power Button

Turn off your device without clicking hardware button

Adaptive Brightness Tile

Quick settings tile for adaptive brightness

Simple Cleanup

Clean unneeded files with one click

WiFi Manager

Manages your device's Wi-Fi based on your location

/r/Android App store

Download apps curated by /r/android

Zim Launcher

Powerful launcher with smart features to make your device easy to use


Set an initial volume after boot


Lightweight and functional screen recorder

OOS Firmware Extractor

Extract firmware from official Oneplus roms


Backup manager

Night Screen

Prevent your eyes from being hurt by screen light


Identicons for your contacts


Xposed module that forces activities to open in a new task

SuperUStats Usage stats viewer

View Android "usage stats" (statistics about what apps you are using how often).


Terminal based launcher


A simple SQLite database viewer

Bépo clavier externe

bépo pour clavier externe

Wifi QR Code Creator

View Wi-Fi credentials and share networks as QR codes


A simple, safe and easy softKeys (navigation bar)

Beacon Locator

Interact with Bluetooth beacons

Yalp Store

Download apks from Google Play Store

FASTer App Search Tool

Find apps just by typing


Manage Bluetooth tire pressure monitor sensors


Unofficial Material Designed client for F-Droid

Flyve MDM Agent

Manage and secure effectively your mobile devices and applications

Senior Launcher

Launcher reduced to the essential, intended for elderly people

My Wifi Passwords

View your Wi-Fi Passwords

MatLog Libre

Material Design logcat reader based on CatLog


Calibrate your battery