Backup (Privacy Friendly)

(SECUSO) Backup Application for Privacy Friendly Apps

Key Mapper

Unleash your keys! Open source!


Clipboard cleaner

Conscrypt Provider

Conscrypt Provider provides TLS 1.3 to apps supporting older Android devices

Battery Tool | Hibernate Unused Apps

Automatically stop apps running in the background. Free, no ads and open source.


A component controller for Android applications

Share to Clipboard

A way to copy to clipboard straight from the share menu!

PilferShush Jammer

Block unwanted use of onboard microphone

Material Flashlight

Flashlight with some cool features

dahliaOS Calculator

Perform basic calculations


An open-source remote desktop application, the open source TeamViewer alternativ


An open-source keyboard which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.


Light weight app freezer without ROOT

link eye

open url with your preffered app

F-Droid Classic

F-Droid client with the classic UI


Android app for Plexus

Material Files

Open source Material Design file manager

Key Mapper GUI Keyboard

The official companion keyboard for Key Mapper.

ClassyShark3xodus - Scan apps for warnings

Checks apk(s) for known trackers (provided by Exodus) +other warnings and specs.


Sshfs with ssh client and interface for Android.

kDI Device Info system permission

androidSpec(s); GSF, Widevine L1/3, microG, Treble, A/B device infos (+otherIDs)

GLPI Agent

GLPI Android Inventory Agent

Pixel Filter

Screen dimmer, which disables individual pixels, for AMOLED screens


User-defined explicit automation for Android


Hashsum calculation utility

Media Merger

Merge media files, open-source


Show AOD on demand


Widget that enables/disables the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Call Recorder

Simple call recorder, no ads, open-source

Always On Display Toggle

Toggle Always on Display from the quick settings panel