Another notes app

Another notes app, like there have been tens of thousands before.

Safe Notes - Encrypted Notepad

Encrypted, Private note manager


An open-source and completely offline application to manage simple notes


Markdown notes, task lists, Nextcloud sync and more. A fork of the Quillnote app

Tasks.org: Open-source To-Do Lists & Reminders

Fork of Astrid Tasks & To-Do List

Simple Keyboard

Simply keyboard and nothing more

Notes (PFA)

(SECUSO) Notes App with minimal permissions and without advertising


Rate and review movies and series you saw. Build your own review database !

Simple Material Notes

A simple notes app with material design.

Nextcloud Notes

View and edit notes on Nextcloud


Converts an URL to markdown and share it

Standard Notes

An end-to-end encrypted note-taking app for digitalists and professionals


Task manager app, supporting syncing with Taskwarrior.


Tiddloid is an app to work with locally stored TiddlyWikis.


Outliner for notes and tasks in plain-text

My Brain

All in one app for Tasks, Notes, Events and more


Japanese dictionary made with flutter

LifeDots - Diary in 8 dimensions

Diary in 8 dimensions

Poet Assistant

Dictionary and TTS tools for editing poems

Glider for Hacker News

Glider is an opinionated Hacker News client. Ad-free, open-source, no-nonsense.


toodoo - a minimalistc task manager, just tasks, categories, filtering, sorting


a simple shopping list application

Ionic Notes

A simple notepad app

Improvement Roll

Create a list of productive things to do and improve yourself one task at a time


Music sequencer, designed to be used on all major platforms


A motivation app with journaling

Simpletask Nextcloud

A todo manager based on todo.txt

Simpletask (WebDAV)

A todo manager based on todo.txt


Todo list manager

Omni Notes

Note taking open-source application aimed to have both a simple interface but ke