F-Droid ist Hauptbezugsquelle für Akademiker und Forscher

Wir hören selten von Akademikern und Forschern, wissen aber, dass F-Droid für ihre Arbeit wichtig ist, nachdem sie F-Droid in so vielen Artikeln als Quelle zitieren:

Hier sind ein paar, die wir besonders interessant fanden:

Wir freuen uns über jeden, der F-Droid als Ressource nutzt, etwas wertvolles, das nur freie Software bieten kann. Freie Software bedeutet, den Leuten die Freiheit zu lassen, Software für Dinge zu verwenden, die sie interessieren. F-Droid bietet nicht nur Apps als freie Software, sondern auch eine Menge freier Softwaretools, wie auch eine komplette Sammlung sauber aufgebauter Daten zu all dieser Software. Wir sehen mit Freude, dass unsere Anstrengungen dahingehend verwendet werden, ein besseres Android-Ökosystem zu schaffen. Wir begrüßen besonders die Wachsamkeit der Entdecker von Malware, die noch in F-Droid zu finden ist. F-Droid liefert auch Tools, um den Build vieler Apps viel einfacher zu machen, wie fdroid import, um App-Builds aus der Quell-URL und den gesamten Build-Ablauf einzurichten, was das Building und die Bereitstellung von Apps in einem Repo automatisiert.

As part of the NLnet-funded Tracking the Trackers project, we are also cleaning up and expanding our tools for detecting tracking. For example, there is now the reusable issuebot for running these checks in GitLab. We are also generating a lot of data about how tracking works, and will be publishing as much of that as possible. We will be syncing with Exodus Privacy’s ETIP database, and we encourage others to use that as the common, public database about tracking.

Creative Reuse

In order to encourage more creative reuse, we have been pushing to make all of our data in standard formats in easy to find places. The whole app collection is now in fdroiddata YAML format. Using from fdroidserver import index provides easy access to the data in the repo index files (e.g. https://f-droid.org/repo/index-v1.jar). There are also a number of binary transparency logs to keep a record of key binaries used in the building process: gradle binaries, Android SDK binaries, guardianproject.info/fdroid binary transparency log

Download All the Things!

Our whole repository of APKs, source tarballs, icons, etc. is available for download and use. For example, it is often used as the “clean set” of APKs for malware research. There are a number of ways to get the full collection from a repo. f-droid.org is now mirrored on many standard Free Software mirror servers, three of those currently provide rsync, which is the preferred way to download a lot (the repo section is about 70 GB, and the whole archive is nearing 400 GB).

  • China: rsync -axv mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn::fdroid/repo
  • Germany: rsync -axv ftp.fau.de::fdroid/repo
  • USA/Indiana: rsync -axv plug-mirror.rcac.purdue.edu::fdroid/repo

Please use mirrors, don’t download from f-droid.org, since it can overwhelm the main server. Also, there is no more need for custom crawlers for those who want to mirror other F-Droid repos. We have our own: fdroid mirror. And lastly, if you are going to keep a copy of the f-droid.org repo, you can give back by opening it up as a public mirror. We are looking for public mirrors outside of the EU, especially Africa, Australia, and South America.


The F-Droid robot does not run itself, it takes time and money to keep going. So we ask all those who rely on F-Droid in their research to give something back to keep F-Droid going. Here are some suggestions:

Lastly, if you are a researcher or academic working with F-Droid data, please come by and say hi! We are always interested to hear about how people are using our work.