Chip Defense

A tower defense game with a microprocessor theme
Neu in Version 1.15
- size of text and game elements scales with screen resolution,
making the game look better on devices with large displays.

- increased effect of H. W. Franke
Chip defense is a casual game for Android devices of the tower defense genre. It centers around a design of electric circuits and logical chips, evoking the good ol' days of 8 bit micro-processors.

The attackers in this game are represented as bits and bytes. To defend the cpu against them, the player builds chips in designated slots. These "towers" deal damage by operations such as subtraction, right shift, bitwise and, etc. As usual in these games, the chips can be upgraded in strength.

The game features "heroes of the information age": persons that had great influence on the development of modern computers. They come with a short biography und provide global bonuses that make the game considerably easier.

The game is under development, but already playable. Currently, it has 25 levels, 6 types of chips, and 10 heroes and heroines.


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