Client 0.76 Released

The latest release of the F-Droid Repository Client, version 0.76, is now available. You can download it from the home page or, if you already have an earlier version installed, just update.

Main changes since 0.66:

  • Added “local repo” support to host an F-Droid repo on the device itself, with full signed repo support, icons, and optional HTTPS.
  • Ability to set up such a local repo by choosing from any of the installed applications on the device.
  • Reverted self-signed support since it was broken, only HTTPS certificates with proper CA signatures will work for now.
  • Find local repos on the same network using Bonjour/mDNS.
  • Support for F-Droid repos on Tor Hidden Services (.onion addresses).
  • HTTP Proxy support in Preferences.
  • Directly send installed apps to other devices via Bluetooth and Android Beam (NFC+Bluetooth), also compatible with Samsung/HTC S-Beam.
  • Initial experimental support for root and system installers, allowing the client to install applications directly on its own, and without ‘Unknown Sources’ enabled. Both these features bypass Android’s built in pre-install permissions warning dialog currently – as such, we don’t recommend using them unless you know what you’re doing.
  • Increased performance when updating from repository with many apps.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Many translation updates.

As usual, if you have problems or feature requests, talk to the issue tracker, join us in the Forum or visit #fdroid on FreeNode.