Client 0.91 Released

The latest release of the F-Droid Repository Client, version 0.91, is now available. You can download it from the home page or, if you already have an earlier version installed, just update.

Main changes since 0.88:

  • Don’t request the “Write to external storage” permission on 4.4 and later since it’s not needed to use our own external app directory
  • Fix a crash occuring if the user triggered a repo update that got rid of more than 450 apks at once
  • Properly cache apk files on the SD card if configured this way
  • Drop support for unsigned repos in favour of signed ones and TOFU support
  • Provide better feedback when adding repos with same name of existing repo
  • Add support for special Google Play search terms like “pub:” and “pname:”
  • Fix regression where adding repos via URLs would not actually add a new repo
  • Normalize and check URLs of repos being added
  • Don’t crash if links on descriptions cannot be handled by any application
  • Support building as part of a ROM via an using gradle

As usual, if you have problems or feature requests, please let us know via the issue tracker, join us in the Forum or visit #fdroid on FreeNode.