Client 0.92 Released

The latest release of the F-Droid Repository Client, version 0.92, is now available. You can download it from the home page or, if you already have an earlier version installed, just update.

Main changes since 0.91:

  • Make swap only in portrait mode to prevent crashes and issues where UI elements are obscured
  • Update Universal-Image-Loader to 1.9.4
  • Make Apk downloads progress be measured in kilobytes instead of bytes
  • Add missing Sardinian language to the preferences
  • Fix minimum SDK to be 8 (2.2) instead of 7 (2.1) since support for version 7 was dropped long ago

As usual, if you have problems or feature requests, please let us know via the issue tracker, join us in the Forum or visit #fdroid on FreeNode.