Client 0.95 Released

The latest release of the F-Droid Repository Client, version 0.95, is now available. You can download it from the home page or, if you already have an earlier version installed, just update.

Main changes since 0.92:

  • Start porting UI to Material Design, including a new launcher icon
  • Add support for app changelog links, which will appear for apps that have them once the repositories have been updated again
  • Redesign the App Details view with larger icons, expandable description and links with icons
  • Add ability to make F-Droid install itself as a privileged app on /system via root, allowing the use of the system installer
  • Remove the root installer, since the system installer is safer, more stable and now easy to set up with root privileges
  • Speed up and simplify repo update process by streaming the data out of the jar file directly
  • Can now manually add swap repo via “Repositories” screen
  • Using NFC during swap now initiates a proper swap, rather than redirecting to the “Repositories” screen

As usual, if you have problems or feature requests, please let us know via the issue tracker, join us in the Forum or visit #fdroid on FreeNode.