SimpleX Chat

SimpleX Chat - e2e encrypted messenger without any user IDs - private by design!


Decentralized social network

WG Tunnel

An alternative VPN client app for WireGuard with additional features

ProtonVPN - Secure and Free VPN

Free Swiss VPN with advanced security and privacy features.


A cross platform debugger for Bluetooth/TCP/UDP

Mullvad VPN: privacy is a universal right

Protect your online privacy with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN.


A USB Serial to UDP bridge app

NextDNS Manager

Manage your NextDNS settings quickly and easily!


Mesh VPN based on WireGuard


Simply fetch Nextcloud notifications on devices without Google Play services

OUI Lookup and Database

Find a device's manufacturer by its MAC address and browse OUIs assignments

Nextcloud Talk

Have private video calls and chat using your own server.

Audio Share

Share Windows/Linux computer's audio to Android phone.

e-Passport Reader

use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport

AirGuard - AirTag protection

Protect yourself from Apple's Find My Tracking


Digital pedigree and chronicle

Nextcloud Cookbook

View all your recipes stored in your Nextcloud instance.

Riseup VPN

Secure VPN powered by Bitmask


Encrypted communication for mere mortals(superheroes welcome, too).


Simple TS client which shows you the amount and names of connected clients.

Loud Bang

RX/TX capable WSPR client

Android 2 Linux Notifications

A way to display Android phone notifications on Linux


Cross-Platform file sharing solution via WiFi.


Mastodon for Android but it's Material You and has more features

Snapdrop & PairDrop for Android

Transfer files seamlessly between all your devices - Snapdrop


True P2P voice- and video phone App.


Secure Messaging, Anywhere


VNC server app that does not require root privileges.

My Leaf

Remote control and information for your Nissan Leaf


VNC viewer that aims to be easy to use and fast