Fast & Secure VNC client for Android


Monitor web services and get notified, if a service becomes unavailable.

Home Assistant

Control all your devices in your Home Assistant instance


A shadowsocks client


A shadowsocks client for TV


Use your smart watch and other bluetooth devices and keep your data private!

Bangle.js Gadgetbridge

Android companion app for Bangle.js built on top of the Gadgetbridge project.

e-Passport Reader

use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport


alternative application for iSee/iTag bluetooth device owners

SSTV Encoder

Image encoder for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) audio signals

Bluetooth terminal

Simple bluetooth terminal application. ASCII and hex. Opensource.


Decentralized social network

OUI Lookup and Database

Find a device's manufacturer by its MAC address and browse OUIs assignments


Relay NMEA information from Android to gpsd.

Selfnet WIFI-Setup

This is the official App to configure the Selfnet WIFI for your device.

JioFi Battery Notifier

Battery Notifier for JioFi Device with battery Icon in Notification and Alerts


Connect to your car's OBD system

Mullvad VPN: privacy is a universal right

Protect your online privacy with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN.


VNC server app that does not require root privileges.

Better Internet Tiles

Bring back Wi-Fi and mobile data tiles on Android 12 or higher


An rsync client that works


The Free and Open Source app for monitoring your AirPods on Android


A cross platform debugger for Bluetooth/TCP/UDP

primitive ftpd

FTP server

Remote Video Camera

Stream video/audio between two phones. Zero configuration.

My Leaf

Remote control and information for your Nissan Leaf


Disable Doze on your rooted Android device

Status: Crypto Wallet, Messenger, Ethereum Browser

Cryptocurrency wallet, Private messenger, and Ethereum DApp Browser all in one

Valetudo Companion

Easily find and connect Valetudo robot vacuums on and to your network

Snapdrop for Android

Transfer files seamlessly between all your devices - Snapdrop