alternative application for iSee/iTag bluetooth device owners

card10 Companion

Companion App for the card10 Chaos Communication Camp badge.


Connect to your car's OBD system

Average data usage widget

Check your data usage and compare it with an indicator of the average usage.

Keep it up

Simple network monitoring

e-Passport Reader

use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport


BluePass extracts 2FA tokens from SMS and forwards them via Bluetooth

MIFARE Classic Tool

An NFC app for reading, writing, analyzing, etc. MIFARE Classic RFID tags.

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook


A simple http-server on android using flutter.

RethinkDNS: Fast, private, and safe DNS + Firewall

Firewall apps, monitor network activity, block malware, change DNS.

Device Connect

Yet another tool to connect Android phone with desktop


UnifiedPush distributor version of gotify

Selfnet WIFI-Setup

This is the official App to configure the Selfnet WIFI for your device.


Send and receive files over available connections


Open source Flutter Whiteboard


Companion app to EngineDataLogger ECU software.

Sharik - file sharing via WI-FI

An open-source, cross-platform solution for sharing files within a local network

AndrOBD SensorProvider

Plugin extension for AndrOBD to provide mobile device's accelerometer sensor dat

AndrOBD MQTTPublisher

Plugin extension for AndrOBD to publish OBD measurements to MQTT home automation

AndrOBD GpsProvider

Plugin extension for AndrOBD to provide mobile device's GPS data to AndrOBD



UP-distributor without provider

JioFi Battery Notifier

Battery Notifier for JioFi Device with battery Icon in Notification and Alerts

strongSwan VPN Client

An easy to use IKEv2/IPsec-based VPN client.

Network Tester

Wi-Fi access point tester


Disable Doze on your rooted Android device


Host and Port scanner. Ping IP or domain.

Missed Notifications Reminder

Periodical sound reminder for missed notifications


Take a closer look at your ZE car