primitive ftpd

FTP server

Remote Video Camera

Stream video/audio between two phones. Zero configuration.

My Leaf

Remote control and information for your Nissan Leaf


Disable Doze on your rooted Android device

Home App | For Philips Hue, Arduino & more

A little smart home app for Philips Hue, Arduino and other devices

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter

Enhanced Music Controller Lite

Remote controller for Onkyo devices


Simple TS client which shows you the amount and names of connected clients.

Rsync Server

A rsync server (alpha release)

mpv remote

Android application to control mpv running on another computer.

Vernet - Network Analyzer

Host and Port scanner. Ping IP or domain.

Presence Publisher

Regularly publish to an MQTT topic


a gopher client

CIFS Documents Provider

Provides access to shared folders.


Play radio channels from web and add custom channels


M.A.L.P. - MPD Client

Anonymous Messenger

A peer to peer private anonymous and secure messenger that works over Tor.


Secure configuration of eduroam at TU Chemnitz

Loud Bang

RX/TX capable WSPR client

Freenet mobile

Access Freenet from the palm of your hand

Keep it up

Simple network monitoring

Smart Card Reader

Use your phone as contact-less smart card reader

AirGuard - AirTag protection

Protect yourself from Apple's Find My Tracking

Riseup VPN

Secure VPN powered by Bitmask


Encrypted communication for mere mortals(superheroes welcome, too).


Next generation secure VPN network tunnel


Android app for Plexus

WiFi Walkie Talkie

Talk to other devices on your LAN


A privacy centric matrix client

Location Share

Share your current location