Device Connect

Yet another tool to connect Android phone with desktop

Share To InputStick

Send text to your InputStick straight from the Share menu

Bacon - Bluetooth Controller

A customizable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) controller.


Interface to USB dataloggers.


Monitor web services and get notified, if a service becomes unavailable.


alternative application for iSee/iTag bluetooth device owners

Selfnet WIFI-Setup

This is the official App to configure the Selfnet WIFI for your device.

JioFi Battery Notifier

Battery Notifier for JioFi Device with battery Icon in Notification and Alerts


An rsync client that works


The Free and Open Source app for monitoring your AirPods on Android

Remote Video Camera

Stream video/audio between two phones. Zero configuration.


Disable Doze on your rooted Android device

Home App | For Philips Hue, Arduino & more

A little smart home app for Philips Hue, Arduino and other devices

mpv remote

Android application to control mpv running on another computer.


a gopher client


Play radio channels from web and add custom channels

Anonymous Messenger

A peer to peer private anonymous and secure messenger that works over Tor.

Freenet mobile

Access Freenet from the palm of your hand

Smart Card Reader

Use your phone as contact-less smart card reader


Android app for Plexus

WiFi Walkie Talkie

Talk to other devices on your LAN


A privacy centric matrix client

Location Share

Share your current location

Calliope mini

Flash scripts on the calliope mini

Party UP!

Share files to a webserver 🦔💨


Read Suunto Ambit watches and convert to GPX

card10 Companion

Companion App for the card10 Chaos Communication Camp badge.

Average data usage widget

Check your data usage and compare it with an indicator of the average usage.


BluePass extracts 2FA tokens from SMS and forwards them via Bluetooth


A simple http-server on android using flutter.