Disables the Wi-Fi when the phone is in sleep mode

36C3 Wifi Setup

Official NOC application for connecting to the 36C3 Wi-Fi


Turn your phone into a real game controller for PCs


An Open-Source P2P Messenger

Crazyflie Client

Control your Crazyflie quadcopter from your mobile device

Eventyay Organizer App

Event management app for Organizers using eventyay platform

BLE Peripheral Simulator

Try out Web Bluetooth without the need for a BLE Peripheral Device

SavaPage Print Service

A Print Service for SavaPage Open Print Portal

Yubico Authenticator

Generate OATH codes with YubiKey NEO over NFC

card10 Companion

Companion App for the card10 Chaos Communication Camp badge.

Smart Card Reader

Use your phone as contact-less smart card reader

Network Monitor

Check network connectivity

Share To Computer

Share anything to your computer

Selfnet WIFI-Setup

This is the official App to configure the Selfnet WIFI for your device.


Helps you and others in case of an emergency

Actualizador ODNS

Calliope mini

Flash scripts on the calliope mini

WiFi Manager

Manages your device's Wi-Fi based on your location


Play radio channels from web and add custom channels


lightweight Web Server QR code generator plugin


lightweight Web Server (lWS)

Android Samba Client

Access files shared through a SAMBA share


Remote control heater via SMS


Send almost all text notifications to a Jabber account or your Gotify server


Manage Bluetooth tire pressure monitor sensors


A privacy friendly personal cook book

PiGrid Companion

Gridcoin Stakebox Companion App

Image SMS

Send very small photos with long text SMS and without MMS or internet

Share my number via QR code

Share your contact information with ease

Aruba Networks Login

App to automatically login into hotspots