J2ME Loader

A J2ME emulator for Android.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

A roguelike adventure through dungeons in a quest to find the Orb of Zot

Anuto TD

Another Ugly Tower Defense


Chess program

Parlera — word guessing game

A party game where your friends describe and you guess.

Dagger: Dota 2 Stats

Stay up-to-date with the latest Dota 2 matches, watch streams, and more.


Multi-Activity Educational game for children 2 to 10


Travel through the train stations to stamp your visa!


A fast-paced game of anagrams to play online with friends

SDCard StoryTeller

Play stories in Lunii® format from the SDCard

The Squirrel's Maze 2D

Help the Squirrel. Different maze each time. Many levels.


A downhill snowboard game with beautiful graphics

Apple Flinger

Funny single- and multiplayer game - Use a slingshot to shoot with apples


Small App to keep track of your Phase10 game! Optimised for Phones and Tablets.

Rabbit Escape

Lemmings-like puzzle/action game


A game where you guess pokemon names and you capture them.

Trivia You

Trivia App for Android built with Material You

Open Chaos Chess

A chess game with randomized moves

Sudaku - Make your rules to solve sudoku

A game where sudoku is meant to be solved using rules.


Arknights helper app

Checkers (Privacy Friendly)

(SECUSO) Strategy board game for 2 players. Play against an AI or each other!


PySolFC is a collection of solitaire card games


Sudoku app for Android

Bagatur Chess Engine

Offline chess play with 16 strength levels. Chess Engine with its own GUI. Chess

Pekka Kana 2

a jump'n'run game - bring the rooster to the exit


Remake of "The Settlers 3"


Fill all boxes with the color of their border


A lightweight, fast and extensible game server for Minecraft Java Edition

Planes Android

Planes Android is a variant of the Battleships game for Android


Near infinite world block sandbox game