Dash Electrum

Electrum Light Wallet for Dash


Budget management application


An exchange rates currency converter for Android

Dogecoin Wallet

Store digital currency

Invoice Ninja - Open-Source Invoices, Expenses and

Create invoices, accept payments, track expenses & time-tasks

My Expenses

Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source

Taler Wallet

Makes privacy-friendly online transactions fast and easy

Price Per Unit

Find the best deal for the same item at different prices.

Catima - Loyalty Card & Ticket Manager

Manages barcode-based store/loyalty cards on your phone

LBRY F-Droid

Browser and wallet for LBRY, a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace


Convenient front-end to hledger-web

Voucher Vault

A vault for all your vouchers and gift cards.

Status - Private Communication

Chat and transact securely

Firefly III Mobile

Mobile wrapper for Firefly III

Encointer Wallet

Interact with the Encointer Blockchain

EBT New Note

Submit Euro bill note data to

Decred Address Scanner

Scans Decred addresses for available funds and notifies of changes.


Client for Mete

BLW - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Bitcoin wallet with Lightning Network support

Shop With Mom

Create price and unit comparisons and create a shopping list.

Simple Bitcoin Widget

Show current Bitcoin exchange prices

BitAC - Bitcoin Address Checker

An easy and quick way to check the balance of bitcoin addresses.


Ethereum wallet


Subscription and contract management with notification function.


Currency conversion


Blockstream Green Bitcoin wallet


Check price history of Amazon products


A money management app for your wallet.

Pizza Cost

Calculate optimal offer out of three round pizzas

Inflation Calculator (USA & France)

Inflation calculator for USA and France