My Expenses

Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source

Invoice Ninja

Create invoices, accept payments, track expenses & time-tasks


Calculator & Converter


See where you can spend your bitcoins

AgoraDesk: buy BTC anonymously

Buy or sell Bitcoin without ID verification. Cash or online. Safe, fast, easy.

LocalMonero: buy XMR privately

Buy or sell Monero without ID verification. Cash or online. Safe, fast, easy.

Varengold activeTAN

2FA for online banking

Lightning Address to Invoice

Allows paying to email-like Lightning addresses from unsupported wallets

Status: Crypto Wallet, Messenger, Ethereum Browser

Cryptocurrency wallet, Private messenger, and Ethereum DApp Browser all in one

Peercoin Wallet

Your mobile wallet for Peercoin and Peercoin testnet.

Taler Wallet

Makes privacy-friendly online transactions fast and easy

Currencies: Exchange Rate Calculator

An exchange rates currency converter for Android

CoinTrend: Crypto Price Tracker

Lightweight, fast and open-source cryptocurrencies monitor


KitchenOwl helps you organize your grocery life.


Monly is an awesome budget planner


Currency conversion


Currency conversion

Unstoppable Wallet

Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi

Inflation Calculator

Inflation calculator for USA, UK and France

Sushi - Personal Finance

Keep track of your own finances

Encointer Wallet

Interact with the Encointer Blockchain

Catima — Loyalty Card Wallet

For your barcodes, memberships, loyalty programs, coupons and tickets.

GNU Taler Point-of-Sale

Process orders and take in Taler payments

Euro konverter

Calculator for converting Croatian kunas into euros at a fixed exchange rate


Simple app to help you plan and manage your savings goals easily.


Haircomb crypto currency wallet, core and a blockchain syncing software.

EBT New Note

Submit Euro bill note data to

Bitcoin Wallet [testnet3]

Testing version of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet

Store digital currency

Precio Luz

Official electricity rate in Spain (PVPC)