Take photos in intervals

Photographer's Notebook

Photographer's Notebook stores and manages metadata of analog photos.

Chord Shift

Shift plain text notes


Use headphones as antenna for FM radio


Audio player


Watch Twitch video streams

Blue Mono Sound

Redirect audio to bluetooth headset

Call recorder for Android

Record calls

Tri Rose

Generate unique rose graphs

Null Black Wallpaper

Live wallpaper that does nothing


Upload photos and videos to coppermine

Pretty Good Music Player Launcher Mode

Music player running as launcher

Movian Remote

Control a Showtime media center


Change the speed of playback

Light Controller

The best way to control your LED Bulbs, Including Home and Lockscreen widgets

Wifi Camera

Just one click to see and hear of your phone's video and voice.

fooCam beta

Autobracketing camera

Jupiter Broadcasting

Watch/listen to tech shows

ND Filter

Neutral density filter calculator

Front Camera

Take photos using the frontfacing camera

Simple Reflected Light Meter

Light meter for photographers

Radio Študent

Listen to radio Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Icon Request for Numix

Send icon requests to Numix

WREK Online

Listen to WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM


Convert density-independant/normal pixels


Parallaxing live wallpaper

kure Music Player

Music player

PocketSphinx Demo

Speech recognition

Clock Live Wallpaper

LiveWallpaper featuring a clock

Truly Creative live wallpaper

LiveWallpapers ported from ReallySlickScreensavers