M.A.L.P. - MPD Client

Cryptocam - encrypting camera app

Take encrypted photos and video to protect sensitive information.

Classical Music Tagger

A plain audio file metadata editor especially for classical music


Online PeerTube and YouTube player with local playlists and recommendations

WebSDR client

OnlineSDR receiver

Show Youtube Dislikes

Bring back Youtube Dislikes for Android

Funkwhale for Android

The official Android client for Funkwhale


Unofficial AnimeOne client

Chubby Click - Metronome

FOSS Metronome with the gigging musician in mind.

Com-Phone Story Maker

Create, tell, share and enjoy multimedia digital stories


Text-to-speech engine for Android. Based on the eSpeak engine.

Open Camera

Camera App

Unpopular Music Player

Plain music player especially for classical music, for locally stored files

Opus 1 Music Player

Feature enhanced sibling of the "Unpopular Music Player"


Bluetooth speaker fix: play background sound

ObscuraCam: The Privacy Camera

Picture anonymity: Take pictures & blur identities with this privacy camera app

Noise Cancelling

Turn off noise cancellation on Bose headphones


use your camera to transfer data – even in airplane mode

SDB Viewer

View song lyrics, a translation of it and guitar chords

Metro - A music player for Android

Best material design music player for Android

Baby Dots

Soothe and calm young babies


Audio player that tracks the listening process of your audio books and podcasts

Transistor - Simple Radio App

Transistor is an app for listening to radio stations over the internet.

Audio Recorder

Record audio files


A music streaming app for Subsonic-API-compatible servers


Music player app with YouTube audio downloader

QR & Barcode Scanner

QR and barcode scanner with all the features you need.

Escapepod - Podcast Player

Escapepod is a simple and lightweight app for listening to podcasts.

NightLight light

A simple night light.

Jellyfin - your media in your hands!

Mobile client for Jellyfin, the free software media system