Phone & SMS

Session F-Droid

Encrypted private messenger

Linphone - open source SIP client

SIP (VOIP) phone

Jitsi Meet

Instant video conferences efficiently adapting to your scale


Phone with API

Find My Device (FMD)

Locate and control your device remotely


True P2P voice- and video phone App.


Audio & Video Calls / Chat Take Control of your Communication!

Baby Phone

A pretend phone app for little people who want to practice talking to others.

SMS Import / Export

Imports and exports SMS and MMS messages, call logs, and contacts.


Chat on the Jabber network (XMPP protocol); focus on features for gateway users

Simple Contacts Pro SE

Extended version of Simple Contacts Pro that supports separate address fields

SimpleX Chat

SimpleX Chat - e2e encrypted messenger without any user IDs - private by design!


Chat with your friends with FluffyChat.

Contacts Import

Import your CSV contacts from a desktop client without any cloud syncing.


Secure messenger for Matrix with a traditional instant messaging experience

Element - Secure Messenger

Group messenger - encrypted messaging, group chat and video calls


uniquely stylized phone app with customizable features


VoIP User Agent app for Android based on baresip SIP library


VoIP User Agent app for Android based on baresip SIP library SMS

Popular Android messaging app for, a Canadian VoIP provider

Simple Contacts Pro

Contacts address book for managing recent contacts and vcf contact backups

Simlar - secure calls

Protect your privacy with encrypted phone calls.

SMS to URL Forwarder

simple incoming SMS to URL forwarder


A different database for contacts to keep them private only to you.

SMS Forward

SMS Forward is a simple app that allows you to redirect SMS.


Messaging app

Privacy Cell

Verify that a phone is using the most secure cell protocols.


A SIP (VOIP) client


Use iMessage on your Android phone! (Mac computer required)

Watomatic - Auto Reply For WhatsApp

Auto reply bot for WhatsApp, FB Messenger and more soon