Reading klassisch

Reader for e-paper subscribers of german daily newspaper "taz, die tageszeitung"

Offline Cook Book

Cooking app with simple minimalist recipes which does not require an internet co


Online dictionary - Translate content directly in your apps


Offline translation dictionary

Unofficial Reader

Unofficial app for German site with videos, dark mode and additional fe

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook


Design your life.


Book tracking for logging books and looking them up at OpenLibrary

spaRSS DecSync

Sync RSS without a server using DecSync

Notification Dictionary

An Android app to display meaning of the word as notification.

Word of the day - Learn a new word every day

Every day a new word to learn, copy and share!


multi-services RSS client

Noor-Ul-Huda نور الهدى

A simple, open source Quran reader app with extras, completely free forever

AELF - Bible and day's reading

A simple and discrete daily reading application


Capture annotations, sources, and knowledge from text that you read.


Non-official Library Genesis mobile client.

Cool Reader

E-book reader

Stoic Reading

Consolidation of Stoic texts


Lightweight RSS feed reader and news aggregator

Traductor Softcatalà

Softcatalà's Catalan to Spanish/English/French/Portuguese translator


Companion app for reddit


Save and classify articles, read them later, freely


View PDF files

Malayalam To Manglish

Convert malayalam text to manglish

LibGen Mobile

Non-official Library Genesis mobile client


A dictionary application for dictionaries in StarDict format.

Pdf Viewer Plus

A simple PDF viewer

Orion Viewer - Pdf & Djvu

Orion Viewer is pdf, djvu, xps, cbz and tiff file viewer


Library assistance

Text Fairy

An OCR App