Science & Education

Traintime PDA

Another personal data assistant for XDU undergraduate.

CTU Menza

Dish menus from CTU cafeterias, offers a modern UI and functionality.

Flash Deck

A simple and easy to use flash card to help you study


Perform physics experiments with your phone. (by the RWTH Aachen University)

Mint Calculator

A simple calculator and converter app with Material Design 3

Ching Machine

Automatic "ching" for Thai music.


An app to get information about artificial additives found in Processed foods.


A simple app to create georeferenced notes.


A butterfly monitoring app for transect counters.


A butterfly monitoring app for species-specific registering of butterflies in Eu

Starke Verben

Learn the German strong verbs

Baby Books

Make your own picture books using images and words from Wikipedia


A math learning app for children.

SMASH — Smart Mobile App for Surveyor's Happiness

Digital field mapping app for geodiaries, fast surveys and GIS data collection.

NXT Remote Control

Control Lego robots

Marxist Tamil

Read & Listen to essays from Marxist tamil magazine


PARI/GP is a computer algebra system designed for computations in number theory


Multi-Activity Educational game for children 2 to 10


Android interface to the c-base onboard computer c-beam


A simple, modern calculator that uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).


A reference app for Indian language scripts

Hertz contact

Hertz contact is for ball-on-flat static mechanical contact calculation.


Application for the separation of waste

Morse Trainer

Learn to receive morse code

Tux Paint

A drawing program for children.

Look4Sat: Satellite tracker

Radio satellite tracker and pass predictor for Android

Donate your voice: CV Project

This app permits you to contribute to Common Voice from your smartphone.


Audio Upload Tool for Wiktionary Words and Wikimedia Commons & Wiki-Dictionary.

Buddha Quotes

A Free and Open Source Buddha Quotes app with a focus on privacy.


Share food instead of throwing it away!