Science & Education

Dew Point

Calculate the dew point


This app shows buddhistic wise sayings each day.

eLiquid Calculator

This app will help you to calculate recipes for your e-cigarette.


Offline Japanese dictionary

DOI to SciHub

Quickly download research


The crazy calculator (RPN mode). Once you get used to it, you will love it :-)


Learn Japanese with Kakugo

1List - Simple Lists for TODO, Shopping, Movies...

Simple app to manage several lists from only one screen


See what is being said

Learning Memory

Play memory and solve different challenges: Numbers, Letters & more

Senreta Vortaro

Simple, offline English-Esperanto dictionary


Read and write NFC Tags for TonUINO

Information about NCBS

Information about NCBS and its surroundings.

Nihonoari: Hiragana & Katakana

A little and minimalist Japanese Kana training


an app for the Hochschule Offenburg

Morse Trainer

Learn to receive morse code

Deine Rechte

Deine Rechte im Kanton Bern

Hibi 「日々」

An app to help you learn Japanese by keeping a journal

Particle Physics Simulator

Particle Physics Simulator offers a physics sandbox with n-body capabilities whe

Kanji draw

A simple drawn kanji character recognition application

US Travel Converter

Converts some imperial units to SI units for travel to the USA.

Open Note Scanner

Scan documents, handwritten notes or arts

Elementary: Periodic Table

Open-source Periodic Table of the Elements and element reference app.

USA COVID-19 Tracker

USA coronavirus cases: positive cases, negative cases, and deaths per day

FOSS Moodle

Interact with HHS moodle instance

Musical Notes

train reading musical notes


Convert units



A dozenal (duodecimal, or base twelve) calculator


Very easy to use RPN Calculator