Science & Education

PSLab Android App

Pocket Science Lab Android interface for PSLab hardware

Mobile Pauker ++

Learn intuitively with flash cards and synchronize your lesson with Dropbox

Weather Widget

Add widget to home screen with weather 5 to 7 day weather forecast

NASA Imagery Fetcher

Get the latest images from NASA's IOTD and APOD services


Ancient greek study tool

Dozenal Clock

A dozenal (duodecimal, or base-twelve) clock and homescreen/lockscreen widget.

Crazyflie Client

Control your Crazyflie quadcopter from your mobile device

Calculator Notification

Move your Calculator into the notification drawer


use determination keys easily

10,000 sentences

Learn new words in foreign languages


Все доступные выпуски газеты "VEGETARIAN"


Dein virtuelles Bundestagsmandat


Android interface to the c-base onboard computer c-beam

PalmCalc 2019+

Retro scientific calculator & converters

Starke Verben

Learn the German strong verbs

Blockly for senseBox

Visual Programming of the senseBox:MCU via Blockly

User-controlled decryption operations

Emulates a smart card and lets you control the decryption operations

Progress Tracker

Any activity progress tracker


Make cards with csv files as input to memorize things


An advanced note editor plug-in for AnkiDroid

arXiv eXplorer - Mobile App for

Browse, search, and download arXiv articles with arXiv eXplorer!

Privacy Helper

An app privacy guide


Simulation of the Enigma Machine

Xia Express

Create interactive images by croping zoomable details


Logs atmospheric pressure

Neural Network Simulator

Educational tool to learn about computational neuroscience and electrophysology

Aalener Optik-Formelrechner

quick and easy calculate a bunch of optical functions


A simple educational practice game for kids (and adults).


Xearth live wallpaper


Guess the day of week of a random date