Science & Education

Easy Ear Trainer for Chord Progressions

Simple ear training for musicians to recognize different chords.

OpenStud for InfoStud

Unofficial client for Sapienza University's InfoStud

Jiten Japanese Dictionary [Online]

Japanese dictionary based on jmdict/kanjidic (online version)

Password Store

Manage your passwords

Jiten Japanese Dictionary

Japanese dictionary based on jmdict/kanjidic (offline version)

JRPN 16c

Programmer's calculator similar to an HP 16c.

windvolt Germany

strategical usage of regenerative energy


Practice kanji writing on your phone's keyboard!

Fruit Radar

Find edible plants and share them online!


Life expectancy widget

Std Atmosphere

Engineering tool

Verbiste Android

Conjugate French verbs


Tool for land surveyors

Identify Dog Breeds

Identify dog breeds with your smartphone.


A kaleidoscope based on complex polynomials. Trippy.

LibreHealth Cost Of Care Explorer

Compare costs of medical procedures of US Hospitals

Learn reading (in french)

Learn to read in french (or learn french), adapted for west Africa's children.

Malayalam To Manglish

Convert malayalam text to manglish


Calculate logitudinal one-dimensional pressure profiles in vacuum pipes

The Kana Quiz

Learning Japanese? Test and train your knowledge in Hiragana or Katakana


Improve your Japanese with WaniKani context sentences


A dictionary application for dictionaries in StarDict format.


A port of the main features of Xournal++ to various Flutter platforms like Andro


FLOSS Ham Radio logging app for small contests and portable operation.


simple educational practice game for kids and adults: maths, clock, spelling


Learn better with TestApp!


Dutch weather and rain radar app

Fiddle Assistant

Music tuner with tools for violin

Covid19 Stats

A simple mobile app to view Covid19 statistics 🦠

Mebis (Unofficial)

Displays mobile Mebis website.