Sports & Health

Fast N Fitness

Track fitness workouts

Grocy Android

Manage your groceries and your household

Track & Graph

Track personal data and create custom graphs to gain personal insight!


Digital test certificate and contact tracing in one app

Contact Diary

Keep track of the people you have recently been with


Yet Another Climbing Guide

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter

Wine cellar

Wine cellar manager

Daily Dozen

Keep track of the foods that Dr Greger recommends in his book How Not to Die

Loop Habit Tracker

Track your habits and long-term goals


reminds you to drink water

Headi - Your headache diary

Headi (Headache Diary) is a privacy-friendly app to log your headaches

DetoxDroid: Digital Detoxing as Your New Default

Get rid of attention-grabbing and manipulative features.


Timer, which activates the devices standby mode


Log blood pressure, weight and daily water intake

Just Another Workout Timer

A simple timer for your workouts, built with Flutter!

YacGuide Dev

Yet Another Climbing Guide - Development Version


Track your sport activities using GPS


Calculate heart rate from camera image


A free and open source step counting app.


Helps in decision making by weighing arguments

EP Mobile

Medical tools

COVID-19 italian monitoring

Simplified access to data on the spread of covid-19 in Italy


A simple way to focus on your breathing

Meditation Assistant

Feature packed meditation session timer and recorder


Simple bluetooth low-energy heart rate monitor

Open Pet Food Facts

Look up pet food ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts

Can I Drive

Alcohol blood rate computer for driving

Binaural Beats

Meditation helper


Look up food ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts