Sports & Health

OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks

OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks

OSM Dashboard Offline for OpenTracks

Offline variant of the OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks


Easily set reminders for your medications.


Track your addictions and maintain sobriety!

Noice: Natural calming noise

Focus, meditate and relax with natural calming noise.

oRing - Reminder

Oring-Reminder is a thermal contraception manager

Circuit Training (PFA)

A timer for circuit training with custom exercises


An essential meditation timer

Daily Diary

A diary that starts with a blank page every day

Did I Take My Meds?

An app to manage and track medication doses

Grocy: Self-hosted Grocery Management

ERP beyond your fridge, now on your phone – An awesome companion app for grocy

Daily Dozen

Keep track of the foods that Dr Greger recommends in his book How Not to Die


A free and open source step counting app.

To Don't

The reverse to-do list.

COVID Certificate

Swiss COVID certificate

COVID Certificate Check

Check COVID certificates


Track your food and nutrition easily and fast.

Feeel - home workouts

A simple home workout/exercise app that respects your privacy


A privacy oriented fitness tracker

FallASleep - Device sleep timer

Lock the screen after a timer runs out.


NoiseCapture is an App dedicated to the measurement of environmental noise.


Purchase items from CSH's vending machines

EP Mobile

Medical tools


Quick shortcut for setting alarms based on your preferred amount of sleep.

AAT Another Activity Tracker

AAT is a GPS-tracking application for tracking sportive activities, with emphasi


A simple, multi-purpose counter app

Loop Habit Tracker

Track your habits and long-term goals

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter


An open-source bluetooth file manager for the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt.

Water Me - Plant Watering Reminder

A simple, open and privacy friendly plant watering reminder for Android.