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F-Droid Privileged Extension

Services to allow F-Droid to securely install and update apps


An opensource keyboard that does not spy on you!

Activity Launcher

Create shortcuts for apps and activities

Screen Time

Display your screen time in a permanent notification.

CalEF (Calendar Entry Formatter)

Select an entry in Android-Calendar and send/share it as human readable text.

Terminal Emulator

Turn your device into a computer terminal


Isolate your Big Brother apps


superuser ADBcmd appOps freezer ^4 root ed :# su Magisk (aosp/opPerms)


Silence ads in Accuradio, Spotify & Tidal. Lightweight & minimal(under 150kb).


UnifiedPush provider for Nextcloud


Lock the screen


Automate stuff on your device by creating rules.

SMS Import / Export

Imports and exports SMS and MMS messages, and exports call logs.

Prepaid Balance

Keep track your prepaid balance


Fast & Secure VNC client for Android

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration - free usage duration limitation

Flexibly limit the usage duration

Discreet Launcher

Enjoy a clean home screen while accessing everything in an instant

Simple Alarm Clock

Improved alarm clock


Authentication made easy, privacy-friendly, and secure

Simple Voice Recorder - Record any audio easily

An easy way of recording any discussion or sounds without ads or internet access

Secure File Manager Beta

File manager for keeping your files in safe


Complete onboard _permissions explorer & summary.

apps_Packages Info - Updated ApplicationsInfos (²

Updated ApplicationsInfos with colors, mini-tags & Exodus (+ basic fixes)


Play sounds whenever you fold or unfold your Galaxy Z Fold.


Simple generic text editor

8Vim Keyboard

A small screen keyboard inspired by VIM and 8Pen

RHVoice - a free and open source speech synthesize

TTS engine with extended languages support (incl. Russian)

Screenshot Tile [No root]

Quickly take screenshots from the quick settings panel