Zorin Connect

Connect your Zorin OS computer with your device

Kernel Profiler

The easiest way to tweaks your kernel

Prepaid Balance

Keep track your prepaid balance

Man Man

View, download and search Linux manpages

Calendar Trigger

Trigger actions on calendar events

LTE Cleaner

System cleaner


Minimal utilities menu for the LeapFrog Epic


View PDF files


Monitor and record CPU and memory usage

NC Passwords

A password manager app for Nextcloud's Passwords app

Package Manager

A powerful application to manage your apps!


Communicate with Pebble/Mi Band/Amazfit Bip/Hplus devices and more


Control your phone's brightness with your fingerprint sensor

Léon – The URL Cleaner (Beta)

Removes tracking & other redundant parameters from web links for sharing

SmartPack-Kernel Manager

The Ultimate Tool to Manage your Kernel!

Miracast Shortcut

Miracast widget


Battery monitoring tool, "free" version

BatteryBot Pro

Battery monitoring tool, "pro" version

Japanese Traditional Time

Clock widget

MidniteSolar Classic Monitor

View solar charging device status

CPU Stats

Compact CPU Usage Monitor


Check the battery status of your AirPods

Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard

A simple Bopomofo software keyboard (input method editor) for typing Hanyu


Use the power of Magisk to de-bloat system applications systemless-ly

BusyBox Installer

A one-click BusyBox installation utility for Android!

Smart AutoClicker

Automating clicks based on what is displayed

HTTP Request Shortcuts

Create home screen shortcuts that trigger arbitrary HTTP requests


Authentication made easy, privacy-friendly, and secure


Simple generic text editor

USB Gadget Tool

Convert your Android phone to any USB device you like