Otobi Keyboard

A Bijoy-like Bangla keyboard for Android.

Full colemak

Keyboard with International Colemak layout


Scan and log changes in folders


Installation logs: Log application installations and updates


Use Xposed without root, unlock the bootloader or modify system image


Make OpenKeychain available in your Termux shell

Power App | Simple Power Menu [Root only]

A simple app with power options. Free, no ads and open source.

Autostarts - Block apps from starting automaticall

See what launches at boot


YubiKey challenge-response USB and NFC driver


Replace your phone's interface with a big, simple and friendly one

Simple Reboot

Make reboots great again - one restart at a time


A minimalistic one-touch app switcher

Light Android Launcher

Hoplite Polytonic Greek Keyboard

A keyboard extension which allows the user to type in Polytonic Greek


Delete/disable GApps


USB GPS Provider for Android

WaveUp Tasker Plugin

Use this simple Tasker plugin to enable/disable WaveUp at will.


Calculate hash checksums of files

Foxy Droid

Yet another F-Droid client

SDK Monitor

Display and monitor the targetSDK from installed apps

Emerald Launcher

Simple custom home screen


Color scheme generation based on app icon

DontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps work

The official DontKillMyApp app is here - make apps finally work properly even if

SimpleAppDowngrader [ROOT]

Downgrades installed apps with an apk-file

Quickly quit

Quickly quit what you were doing

Private DNS Quick Tile

Quickly toggle and configure Private DNS on Android 9.0+


Capture log files

LineageOS updater shortcut

App icon for the LineageOS updater


SMS and MMS backup

Birthday Calendar

Creates birthday events from all other calendar's data