USB Gadget Tool

Convert your Android phone to any USB device you like


Disable or enable components(receivers/services/activities) easily


Xposed module that adds Stetho to every app


Control your Platypush instances from Android.

Camera Folder

Everywhere where you can choose from jpg files you can also take and process a p

Sideload Helper by Rebble

Sideload to the Official Pebble App with an app from Rebble

Alt Launcher

Launch apps on boot and fastboot on Phoenix Android (and similar) radios


A keyboard controlled with touch gestures on 16 large keys


Clean old WhatsApp backups

PdDroid Party

Run Pure Data patches


The QR code scanner/generator that cares about your privacy


An unofficial client for the gratis app download site APKMirror

EteSync Notes - End-to-end Encrypted Notes

Secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy respecting note taking.

Logcat Reader

A simple app to view logs

Temp. monitor

Shows and logs HW temperature


Automatic Bluetooth disabler


SAI lets you install and export split APKs


Disable any applications, and easily enable it with a pretty customisable launch

Pods Companion For AirPods

View the battery status of your headphones. Free, no ads and open source.

KeepOn - Keep your screen on smartly!

Keep your screen on smartly and easily with Quick Settings.

UnApkm - Convert APKM to APKS

Decrypt Apk Mirror's APKM files and save them as APKS

Keikai Launcher

A fast, minimalistic and lightweight search-based launcher


Easy to use SSH server


glmark2 is an OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark.

LaMetric Notify+

Send notifications to a LaMetric Time smart clock

Disable Battery Warnings

Disable the annoying low battery warning popup and sound


remounts the SD Card to allow write access

[ROOT] Night Light (KCAL)

An app to adjust blue light intensity, powered by KCAL


Terminal emulator with integrated script editor


A distraction-free minimal homescreen for Android.