Applications Info

Show metadata of installed applications


The most lightweight QR code reader

Always On AMOLED Plugin

Control capacitive button lights via Always On AMOLED

Bad Pixel Detector

Check your device on pixel failures by plain screens in 8 colors, black & white

/system/app mover

Add and remove system apps

Always On AMOLED

Display some information at all times


Encrypt text by rotation

Android Explorer

Get device information

SIP Caller

Dial SIP numbers

OS Monitor

Monitor the Operating System


Transfer text from your PC to the clipboard

Dumbphone Assistant

Copy contacts to SIM card and back

List My Apps

List apps


Controlling Mac lock state

Transparent Widget

Create transparent widgets

Calendar ICS adapter

Import and export calendar files

Preferences Manager

Edit app preferences

DNS man

Set DNS lookup server

AndroidPN Client

Push Notification Client


Synchronize calendar with a CalDAV server


Unofficial version of Taskwarrior - console task management tool


Show processor usage in status bar


Show network speed in the status bar

Headphone indicator

Show a status icon when headphones are plugged in

Root Verifier

Check if device is rooted


Set different boot and unlock passwords

Smart Remote Control

Interface with IR-LEDs from Samsung devices

Shortcuts for Calendar/Contacts

Add shortcuts for new calendars and contacts

Screen Notifications

Notification helper

Simple Explorer

File manager