MAXS Module FileWrite

A Module for MAXS

MAXS Module FileRead

A Module for MAXS

MAXS Module ContactsRead

A Module for MAXS

MAXS Module Clipboard

A Module for MAXS

MAXS Module BluetoothAdmin

A Module for MAXS

MAXS Module Bluetooth

A Module for MAXS

MAXS Module AlarmSet

A Module for MAXS


Main component of MAXS

Battery Notification

Battery stats at a glance!

Pixel Filter

Screen dimmer, which disables individual pixels, for AMOLED screens


Isolate your Big Brother apps

Hex Launcher

A minimalist launcher that puts your apps under your thumb

Snapdrop for Android

Transfer files seamlessly between all your devices - Snapdrop

Simple Alarm Clock

Improved alarm clock


User-defined explicit automation for Android

Setter - A multi-purpose search app for Android

A meta-search, reverse image search and translator tool packed in one package.


Hashsum calculation utility

Simple Clipboard Editor

View, edit or delete the phone clipboard's text with a simple and fast editor.

Pineapple Lock Screen (OSS)

Help you turn your phone screen off (lock screen) without using power button.


Record screen

Simple Dialer - Manage your phone calls easily

A handy phone call manager with phonebook, number blocking and multi-SIM support

Simple Keyboard

Easy keyboard for inserting all kinds of texts, special characters and numbers

Screenshot Tile [No root]

Quickly take screenshots from the quick settings panel


An open-source keyboard which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.

Léon – The URL Cleaner (Beta)

Removes tracking & other redundant parameters from web links for sharing

RHVoice - a free and open source speech synthesize

TTS engine with extended languages support (incl. Russian)

Media Merger

Merge media files, open-source


Freeze Android apps


Catches a stack trace when an app crashes unexpectedly.


Simple generic text editor