glmark2 is an OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark.


A category based launcher

LaMetric Notify+

Send notifications to a LaMetric Time smart clock


Companion app to EngineDataLogger ECU software.

Disable Battery Warnings

Disable the annoying low battery warning popup and sound

Alt Launcher

Launch apps on boot and fastboot on Phoenix Android (and similar) radios


Analyse the WiFi networks in range.

Sound Toggle

quickly switch the audio mode of your device


remounts the SD Card to allow write access


Your open-source tool to backup your apps ... and their data

Battery Tool | Hibernate Unused Apps

Automatically stop apps running in the background. Free, no ads and open source.

Activity Launcher

Create shortcuts for apps and activities

[ROOT] Night Light (KCAL)

An app to adjust blue light intensity, powered by KCAL

PilferShush Jammer

Block unwanted use of onboard microphone


Terminal emulator with integrated script editor


A distraction-free minimal homescreen for Android.

Keyboard/Button Mapper

Remaps the buttons on your device and other devices and fingerprint gestures.

DecSync CC

Sync contacts and calendars without a server using DecSync


Access Android functions from Termux

Simple Flashlight - Do not get lost in the dark

A simple flashlight without ads.

Simple Clock - A flexible multifunctional app

A combination of a clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.

Setter - A multi-purpose search app for Android

A meta-search, reverse image search and translator tool packed in one package.


Launch applications and manage homescreen

File Manager

File Manager with root browser

Terminal Emulator

Turn your device into a computer terminal


Use a start menu to access apps

Key Mapper GUI Keyboard

The official companion keyboard for Key Mapper.

EteSync Notes - End-to-end Encrypted Notes

Secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy respecting note taking.


Simple background app killer

Auto Auto-Rotate

Automatically remembers your auto-rotate setting for every app