Export the current and the default wallpaper


Uninstall any app without root!

Pineapple Lock Screen (OSS)

Help you turn your phone screen off (lock screen) without using power button.


A search-focused, free and open source launcher for Android

Permission Manager X

eXtended Permission Manager - a small app to manage permissions and AppOps

Aurora Store

An unofficial FOSS client to Google Play with an elegant design and privacy


Record screen

Simple Keyboard

Easy keyboard for inserting all kinds of texts, special characters and numbers

Neo Backup

The open-source tool to backup your apps and data


Freedom from your phone - a clean and simple Android launcher experience!


Launcher for eInk/eBook devices


Launch applications and manage homescreen

Material Files

Open source Material Design file manager

TTL Changer

An app to change default TTL value

Key Mapper

Unleash your keys! Open source!

Simple SMS Messenger

SMS messaging and MMS messaging app for Android, send messages fast, nice UI

App Manager - Android package manager

A full-featured open source package manager for android.


Back up/Restore your data.

Activity Manager

Advanced activities and shortcuts launcher

Barcode Scanner

A free app which allow to read and generate barcodes.

KDE Connect

KDE Connect integrates your smartphone and computer

Flexibly limit the usage duration

Simple Launcher

A practical and customizable launcher for launching your favorite apps easily

Simple File Manager Pro

Handy file explorer for easily searching or organizing your files and folders

Simple Dialer

Manage phone calls with this simple phone dialer app with phonebook

Simple Clock

Combination of a beautiful clock widget, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer

Ghost Commander

Dual-panel file manager


Use your smart watch and other bluetooth devices and keep your data private!

Simple Notes Pro

To do list widget with a notebook organizer, checklist, simple shopping list

Bangle.js Gadgetbridge

Android companion app for Bangle.js built on top of the Gadgetbridge project.