Control your Platypush instances from Android.


An opensource keyboard that does not spy on you!

Mullvad VPN: privacy is a universal right

Protect your online privacy with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN.

KDE Connect

KDE Integration

Camera Folder

Everywhere where you can choose from jpg files you can also take and process a p

Android version

Simple app to view Android version information


Turn on the display by waving

Secure File Manager Beta

File manager for keeping your files in safe


Utility to schedule system dark mode.


Access Android functions from Termux

Terminal Emulator

Turn your device into a computer terminal

Remote Numpad

This application transforms your smartphone into a numpad for your computer.

Sideload Helper by Rebble

Sideload to the Official Pebble App with an app from Rebble

Alt Launcher

Launch apps on boot and fastboot on Phoenix Android (and similar) radios

Simple Voice Recorder - Record any audio easily

An easy way of recording any discussion or sounds without ads or internet access

Simple Clock - A flexible multifunctional app

A combination of a clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.


A keyboard controlled with touch gestures on 16 large keys

Simple Thank You - To our supporters

Thank you for supporting us!

Simple Flashlight - Do not get lost in the dark

A simple flashlight without ads.

ToGoZip ('==> Zip')

ToGoZip: Add to Zip for android-s share/send menu.


Clean old WhatsApp backups

TinyBit Launcher

Small memory footprint, icon pack support, color and behaviour customizable

Keyboard/Button Mapper

Remaps the buttons on your device and other devices and fingerprint gestures.

SMS Gate

Backup all your SMS to an IMAP server or a local folder

Simple Calculator - Do your calculations quickly

A calculator for your quick calculations.

PdDroid Party

Run Pure Data patches

Material Files

Open source Material Design file manager

Simple App Launcher - Find your apps quickly

A simple holder for your favourite app launchers.

Screenshot sharer

Share screenshots quickly


A category based launcher