Forked from OlauncherCF, +minimalization, +customizability

Simple Alarm Clock

Improved alarm clock


Isolate your Big Brother apps

EteSync - Secure Data Sync

Secure, private and end-to-end encrypted calendar, contacts and tasks sync

Mute reminder

Remind you to mute media

DSU Sideloader

Easily install GSIs using Android's DSU feature


With this app you can get your BG values onto the BangleJS!


Monitor battery behaviour with Better Battery Stats


A free and Open Source ad blocker for Android.

NFC Reader

Read NFC tags


A simple tool to toggle DND automatically when using specified apps.

AlwaysOn | Always On Display

Android app which adds an always on display. Free, no ads and open source.


YubiKey challenge-response USB and NFC driver

Virtual Host

hosts for android,implement by vpn mode,supports wildcard DNS records


Fast & Secure VNC client for Android


Clear the clipboard with just one tap on the app icon


A UnifiedNlp backend

Settings Database Provider

allow other apps to edit all parameters in android settings.db database

Save on Device

Save shareable data to your device


Keyboard for secure E2EE communication through signal protocol in any messenger

RHVoice - a free and open source speech synthesize

TTS engine with extended languages support (incl. Russian)

Data Monitor

Track all your data usage - at one place

Package Manager

A powerful application to manage your apps!


Check updates for Android apps, Magisk modules and more!


aShell: A local ADB shell for Shizuku powered android devices

Captive Portal Controller

Control how Android detects captive portal.

ToGoZip ('==> Zip')

ToGoZip: Add to Zip for android-s share/send menu.

Treble Info

Helps you check Project Treble, A/B and Architecture for GSI installation

Hex Launcher

A minimalist launcher that puts your apps under your thumb

Remote Numpad

This application transforms your smartphone into a numpad for your computer.