8Vim Keyboard

A small screen keyboard inspired by VIM and 8Pen

Permission Manager X

eXtended Permission Manager - a small app to manage permissions and AppOps


Enable sharing files from every app (like WeChat)

Clipboard Cleaner

Check and clean your clipboard

KDE Connect

KDE Integration


An opensource keyboard that does not spy on you!


Turn on the display by waving

Auto Auto-Rotate

Automatically remembers your auto-rotate setting for every app

Simple sms remote

Control your device by sending text messages

NC Passwords

A password manager app for Nextcloud's Passwords app

QR Scanner (PFA)

(SECUSO) Privacy Friendly QR-Scanner with minimal permissions


Battery monitoring tool, "free" version

F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA

Services to allow F-Droid to securely install and update apps

F-Droid Privileged Extension

Services to allow F-Droid to securely install and update apps


superuser ADBcmd appOps freezer ^4 root ed :# su Magisk (aosp/opPerms)


Lock the screen


Authentication made easy, privacy-friendly, and secure

Secure File Manager Beta

File manager for keeping your files in safe


Play sounds whenever you fold or unfold your Galaxy Z Fold.


Quick shortcut for setting alarms based on your preferred amount of sleep.


Access Android functions from Termux

DecSync CC

Sync contacts, calendars and tasks without a server using DecSync


A simple tool to toggle DND automatically when using specified apps.


Use a start menu to access apps


A modern F-Droid client with Material Design.

hwloc lstopo

Display the topology of your hardware using the hwloc library and lstopo tool

Save on Device

Save shareable data to your device

Gcam Services Provider (Basic)

fake only the absolute necessary Apis to use Gcam without Play Services

App Manager - Android package manager

A full-featured open source package manager for android.

BatteryBot Pro

Battery monitoring tool, "pro" version